If you love the idea of doing your part for the environment and helping the honeybees, consider our Adopt-a-Hive program and our Honey CSA


Enjoy the unique and fulfilling experience of adopting a hive of bees while making a real difference to the local pollinator populations without getting your hands sticky or getting stung ...

It's beekeeping with no "stings" attached


Adopting one of our working beehives allows you to make a very real and immediate difference to the environment. Honeybee populations are on the decline, and citizens like you can help to reverse that. Share the experience of adopting a beehive with your whole family, your business or even your friends and know you are making a difference by working together. 

When you invest in our Adopt-a-Hive program you will be part owner of one of our hives for an entire season and be entitled to receive the following:


  • Full creative rights to name your adopted hive and it’s queen - we encourage creativity, or choose one of our existing hives!

  • an Adopt-a-Hive adoption certificate

  • an Adopt-a-Bee adoption package

  • 75% of honey production from your hive during the PURCHASED season*

  • 50% of the beeswax, pollen and/or propolis harvested

  • A half day beekeeping lesson on our property and fun extracting honey

  • Periodic updates and photographs of your adopted hive and (a few) of your bees

  • 20% off discount voucher for our online shop

  • Two packets of wild flower seeds to encourage bees to your garden

  • A large bag of Honey Bee tea, and three samples to share with friends

  • Knowing that you are helping re-establish pollinators and building up the honeybee populations in your area!

*The quantities at harvest will vary upon hive production (which is dependent primarily on the weather - pray for sunshine!) and will be a minimum of 20 jars of honey or 5 kg.



2018 - 15.2 kg (established hives) 

2019 - 7.650 kg (new hives)


Honey will be available at the end of your adoption term. Along with all the goodies listed above you are invited to our property where you will be kitted up in a beekeeper’s suit and under careful guidance you will be given a lesson in basic beekeeping: spotting the queen, checking the health of the hive, lifting the combs, collecting the honey, examining the brood, and helping to extract the honey!


Our hope is that you will leave with a fuller understanding of beekeeping and (we sincerely wish) a desire to become a beekeeper yourself!

Adopt-a-Hive | 2020 Beekeeping Honey CSA

  • Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a system of growing and distributing organic produce that restores the connection between farmers and community supporters.

    A CSA system provides farmers with an equitable return for their labour and establishes a strong foundation for sustainable agriculture while contributing to a healthier environment. Typically by purchasing a CSA you are guaranteed a weekly portion of fresh vegetables that are harvested straight from the garden throughout the summer months. In a Honey CSA since the harvest occurs once a year in October, you will receive your delivery at the end of the season.

    Your commitment also supports sustainable farming, preserves biodiversity, and builds a healthier, local and sustainable food system.


We grow and blend geeky organic teas to celebrate the geek and nerd in everyone of us and we aim to misbehave by inspiring adventure, with respect for our planet.

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