We can do custom labelling!


Take any of our blends and any of our packaging and put your own label on it!


Great if you're a huge fan of our teas, a huge geek, and want to make it much more special!


Please read our FAQs on custom labelling before ordering.





Custom Label

  • We can print on demand with our fancy pants printer which means making custom labels is super duper easy!


    What does a custom label look like?

    For a mere $5 you tell us the name of the tea you'd like, or the message you are wanting to place on the label, and supply us with the image you'd like.


    We'll pop this into our template et voila!  You have a custom full-colour label for the front.


    How will I know what to re-order if I run out of tea, or a friend wants to re-order?

    You will still have all the brewing and ingredient information on the reverse and the original name of the tea. What is customized is the front cover. That way when someone goes to re-order they can choose the blend they received, pay the extra $5 for the custom cover and you are off to the races!


    Why do I have to pay $5 when I reorder? Don't you already have my digital file on-hand?

    A common question. The time for set up and creating a new label takes about 25-30 minutes, and may require a couple emails back and forth. Our design process is $45/hour. But we want to make this uber affordable, with no outrageous setup fees, thus the cost is spread out over time. If you order only once in your lifetime, well, we'll lose out a bit, but you'll walk away happy and tell friends. So really it is a win-win. But if you, or your friends re-order, or even for a larger custom order for a birthday party favour, or wedding, it all balances itself in the end.


    Here are more details ...

    When we print our labels, we are printing them by the 100s so there is a cost-benifit to doing that. We can wander off and do something else like watch Doctor Who and drink tea. However for a custom label, we are printing only one or two labels and there is our time to switch the rolls out, create the digital file, do a test print to make sure it is centred, ensure the colour saturation is correct, etc. It takes a bit of time. Hopefully this makes sense, but we are hoping  *fingers crossed* you'll order again.


    What if I want to buy more than one bag of tea with a custom label?

    I see two scenarios here - you have one blend and you'd like to buy 2, 3, 4, etc. of this one blend. You'll purchase one custom label for $5. Scenario two - you have multiple blends, and each one you'd like a custom cover. Sure, we can do that. Each blend you want a custom cover is $5. Eg. if you have two blends, you have to pay for two custom labels, total cost is tea + $10 for the two covers.


    Do you do custom tea blending?

    We do not at this time. But maybe in the future. It is really time consuming. But we have ideas for an interactive site to create your own blend. Need someone who is really good at JS and CSS to make this so.


    I love your tea!

    We do too! Thank you!

  • The only restriction is that you cannot resell  this tea with the custom label as our branding will still be attached to the product. 


    If you are interested in custom labelling for reselling, email us at info@geekandtea.ca


We grow and blend geeky organic teas to celebrate the geek and nerd in everyone of us and we aim to misbehave by inspiring adventure, with respect for our planet.

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