Quiz 28: Can you name this medicinal herb?

As you know I have been on a bit of a hiatus battling Lyme’s Disease. I am slowly gaining ground and my energy is slowly returning, which means less brain fog. Thank god! Being able to think clearly makes a world of difference.

Now one of the herbs I have been taking is quite a powerful little berry. It is a tundra plant, also found in northern Ontario on rocky outcrops, and is considered a dwarf shrub. It is often called “bear’s grape” when translated from ancient latin.

I am currently taking a tincture (liquid extract made from steeping the leaves in alcohol) as a natural supplement to the potent antibiotic I am on. 

Arbutin is hydrolysed in the intestinal tract to produce hydroquinone, resulting in an antibacterial effect in the urine if the pH is above 8. To develop alkaline urine, one can consume 6 – 8 g of sodium bicarbonate per day; or eat a diet rich in milk and non-acidic vegetables (such as potatoes), while avoiding acid-rich foods such as many fruits and their juices, sauerkraut and vitamin C. These requirements are an obvious hurdle to [its] use

Well my diet is seriously lacking potatoes (sugar feeds the bacterial Lymies) and high in sauerkraut (replenish lost good bacteria). But I think otherwise I have a very non-acidic diet. Next to no fruits (again sugars feed Lymies), but lots of organic greens, onions, squash and organic meats. I should love these too since, bears love to eat the berries!

Don’t cheat here is the citation and I didn’t take the second photo. It is from wikipedia (yeah, free commons).

So, can you name this medicinal herb? Bonus points for latin name!

#herb #northernOntario #urinarytractinfections


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