It is said when the land of Hyrule falls to darkness,
it's up to
those close by to help.

Princess Zelda has been missing for just over a week, along with the wisdom of the ancient trees - three potions so coveted for their powers, that Ganon would stop at nothing to get them! 

With twilight approaching on the ninth morning, a group of misguided strangers arrive in the quiet city having heard the call for help. Joining our hero Link, they must save Princess Zelda and return the ancient potions to the kingdom, else in the wrong hands of Ganon it would mean disaster. The strangers reluctantly follow Link, unaware of the gathering shadows ahead and begin the journey towards Ganon’s castle.

Along the road they enter a forest lain waste with fire, smoke and disaster. It was an ancient grove of tea trees, over three hundred years old and tended to by a group of monks. The burning smell and smouldering fires was over powering causing their eyes to instantly drip with tears. Once upon a time the
tea grove would have been lush with green and yellow - producing golden cups of liquer with a magic so powerful you would have the stamina of seven men. Now, the group was surrounded by a sad barren land with ashes dancing in the air, lingering until they fell to ground like snow on a winter morning. The forest was deafeningly quiet, no sound except the occasional crack from the fading fires.

Up ahead one of our mysterious strangers spots a blue envelope on the ground with the words “courage” written in silver across it. On the reverse is the Hylian sigil - “This must have belonged to the Princess!” - he exclaimed. “Quick, come here!”.

As the misguided group of strangers gather around, he hands the envelope to Link who carefully begins to open it. Inside they find a mysterious potion.

“This must be one of the ancient potions!” exclaims one of the adventurers.
“I don’t know, what if it is a trick?” one of the others remarks hesitantly.
“But it has the royal sigil!!” a third points out.  
“Drink it!”
“I don’t know, this doesn’t seem right ... “
”Oh come on, it says “Take this!” “
“But how do we know it is safe???”

The group erupts into a frenzy of arguing, worrying, shouting, yelling and screaming so loud that the birds that were circling above flew off. No one is able to hear or understand anything around them.

As the group continues to argue, Link slowly walks aside from his strange companions wondering where in the hell did these guys come from, and what does this all mean. As he continues to ponder, the adventurers realize he has left their circle and slowly, and quietly, stop fighting to face him.


Questioningly, they all wonder - Will he drink the potion? 

To continue the story, use the contents of the "Chapter One" envelope to solve for the password. When you are ready, click below to take you on the next leg of the journey:





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Please open the envelope entitled "Chapter One" and boil water for tea.