Great tea is an art.

Boldly go where no tea has gone before - handblended to perfection with locally grown and ethically sourced ingredients, our geeky organic teas connect people through all of time and space.


Aly Baker

  • Geek+Tea

Tea geek and garden overlord, you can spot her minimalist style art on tea blends such as Precious Eyebrow, Warrior and the Dark Side.

Dan Baker

The art genius behind our Patreon doodles and chalkboard art at events Dan hails from our nation's capital and is a prolific pen and ink artist. His fantastical and realistic drawings invoke the sense of adventure and wonder that Dan is bursting with and grounds us with fun renditions of Groot, Hulk and our Princess Peach teas.

Fred Dunn

  • Fred Dunn

Fred Dunn is a Canadian Pop Culture and Comic artist from Kingston Ontario. He spends most of his days and his nights down in his studio feverishly working to perfect his craft, and judging by his time lapse videos on youtube, he doesn't have far to go! Not bad for a kid that failed out of art twice. He is currently working on a comic called ARISE for Saturn Studios in the USA and of course many of his own projects and commissions for clients all the while touring all over Ontario and Quebec to all the Cons and Expos he can so that he can spread his gift of art. You can find Fred's art on our Deadpoolong 2, Wonder Woman and DragonFire teas.

Xander Sallese

  • XanWorks

Xander Sallese has been drawing for as long as he could hold a pencil. He always loved reading fantasy novels and finding the map of the world on the inside cover of the book - there are never enough maps out there! You can find his own versions of famous fictional maps including Geek+Tea's map of our own Shiredom on our Middle-Earth Mint tea.

Christina Clemis

  • Christina Clemins

Christina Clemis illustrates children’s books, paints the enchanting and whimsical and writes from her studio in Ottawa, Ontario. Inspired by taking the splendour of the natural world and adding a pinch of imagination and magic, her Imperial Dragonwell original was done with watercolours on coldpress paper. 

Brian Hoang

  • Brian Hoang

Brian Hoang is a Vietnamese-Canadian illustrator who graduated from Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. He attended Sheridan from 2000 to 2004 where he completed both the Art Fundamentals program and the Interpretive Illustration program, the latter of which he would eventually meet his future wife in. He has had work published in The Globe & Mail, an illustrated book published by Tundra and has done concept art for Toronto Indy game developer Rocket 5 Studios. He currently does private commission work from home and travels the Canadian comic convention circuit and created the art for our Misty Mountain tea.

Meghan O'Rourke

  • Meghan O'Rourke

Meghan O'Rourke is a 17 year old self taught, freelance artist creating original and fandom related digital pieces. Along with being an artist, Meghan is also an amateur cosplayer, gamer and dungeon master. You can find her art on our Deadpoolong 'Iron Goddess of Mercy' oolong tea - a direct-from-farm estate tea we receive each autumn.



We grow and blend geeky organic teas to celebrate the geek and nerd in everyone of us and we aim to misbehave by inspiring adventure, with respect for our planet.

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